Emil Langweil 1863-1942

Robert Langweil
Marie Perutová

The Salomon Langweil’s youngest son was Emil Langweil. He married Olga Orliková and thus his brother-in-law was Emil Orlik, an important Jewish painter and teacher who portrayed Einstein, Tolstoj, Mahler, Masaryk, or Ulrika von Levetzow, among others.

Sunday morning in Brocno – Emil Orlik

Emil and Olga had two children, Robert and Marie Hermína, but the family called her Minda. In November 1939, Emil lost his wife, Olga, due to a serious illness. He outlived her by less than three years. In June 1942 at the age of 79, he went by transport to Theresienstadt and four months later to Treblinka. His sister-in-law, Marie, wife of his brother Daniel, was in the same death transport to Treblinka.

One of the first records about Emil and Olga’s son, Robert, pertains to his activity in Czechoslovak legions in Russia. After the First World War, he worked in a perfume factory and in his free time played football for a major-league team of the German Football Club (DFC), which was the most well-known and successful club of the German minority in Prague.Before the First World War, DFC was one of the best clubs in Europe. After the foundation of Czechoslovakia, it became a frequent winner of a domestic amateur championship. Since September 1922, Robert lived in Hamburg and he most likely married there. In 1926, he applied for immigration to Argentina and his trace ends there.

His daughter, Minda, married twice. Her first husband was Otto Fischl, a dealer in radio-telegraph and radio-telephone equipment. With this marriage, Minda gave birth to their daughter, Anita. Otto´s lasttrace was a transport to the ghetto in Lodz. Minda’s second husband was a banker named Arthur Perutz. His career developed from the position of a chief accountant for the Bank of Austrian Lands to the position of director in the Bank for Market and Industry. Artur had connections and finances, therefore his family was able to successfully emigrate in time. In the spring of 1939, they left for Paris but then had to flee from the Nazis again because Paris became occupied by the German army in June 1940.They went to Lisbon and there they received visas to travel to the U.S.A.They departed by the boat Excambion in October 1940 and settled down in the state of New York. After the war, Minda was the only heir of the paintings of Emil Orlik. After her death, the collection was inherited by her daughter, Anita, who has visited the Czech Republic several times. She donated several Emil´s paintings to the Jewish Museum in Prague. She died in New Jersey, U.S.A. in 2010.

The list of passangers on a ship Excambion heading from Lisboa to the USA

Escape as a chance for survival
Both Robert and Minda left in time thanks to foresight and possibilities. Most likely we will not be able to find out why their father, Emil, did not accompany them.