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Julius Langweil Daniel Langweil Anna Küchlerová Emil Langweil Františka Kordeová

Salomon Langweil 1824–1900

The Langweil family

The Langweil family comes from Budyně nad Ohří. It embodies stories about

  • both educated people and small businessmen
  • people with high social status as well as common clerks
  • Jews, Christians, and people without any denomination
  • people who spoke Czech at home as well as those speaking German
  • proactive people who left before the threat of Nazism and those who were not able to escape
  • those who did not estimate the level of danger or their pride prevented them from leaving

Many left a significant trace in the society, many were not given that opportunity. We intend to tell their stories. Let the stories enrich us and learn a lesson from them.

Farther Salomon Langweil

Out of eight children of Salomon Langweil, only five lived to adulthood and thus the family lineage continues. Salomon Langweil earned his living as businessman. He rented a farmstead in Hostěnice from Moritz von Lobkowicz, drove a grocery and a tannery. Salomon acted as the head of the Jewish congregation, thus he was a reputable member of the Jewish community.