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Dear visitors of our web,

If you devoted some time to our Disappeared Langweils and learned what the project has offered, please pay attention to the following account. All those whose names are mentioned in the following lines have been important for us, they were a part of the project. It would not be possible without them and thus all of them must be acknowledged.

Our biggest thanks must be given to RNDr. Jaroslava Waňková. It was she who directed us to the Langweil’s family. She had the courage to offer the story of her dearest ones – her family for our investigation. We thank her for her recollection and the strength not to give up even when painful memories started to emerge.

At the beginning of our work, it would be very difficult to understand the broad Lanweil’s family without its family tree produced by one of the family members Mr. Pavel Pešata from Slaný. Hopefully, we paid back this help a little bit by providing some photos, dates and context.

Our thanks also go to the leadership of Our School – Director Mgr. Marie Gottfriedová and vice-directors Mgr. Jan Pobuda and Mgr. Drahoslav Straněk. We appreciate that they did not recoil from our idea to start the project and they supported us for the whole period of two years.

The others who deserve our acknowledgment are those who trusted us and assisted us financially. Without their help, we would not be able to attain so much.

We thank the Ústí Community Foundation which contributed us from the Foundation Investment Fund and AIR PRODUCTS spol. s r.o. Company.

Our project was also supported by the Foundation Fund of Holocaust Victims, by its program Reminder.

We thank a.s. iAuto, explicitly Ing. Daniel Šaffer, and spol. s r. o. Surgipa Medical, explicitly Daniel Bouška.

We are also grateful for a financial assistance to Prof. Petr Šeba, Ing. Martin Prachař and Masopust’s family.

Our thanks go as well to Mgr. Marta Vančurová from the Forgotten society (financial support of the Czech Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, and the U.S. Embassy in Prague).

We would also like to thank Hana Rambousková, Samantha Kaplan and the Fulbright Commission for translating the texts into English.

We are indebted to Mgr. Martina Želinová – Langweilová for her assistance in preparing applications for funds from foundations.

We thank Tereza Tydlitátová from the ULTRAFUN society for support and help in shooting an animated cartoon “Key of Life”.

Our words of thanks extend to Mgr. Drahoslav Straněk for composing music for the film “Key of Life”, Jiří Straněk for technical and music cooperation, Mgr. Julie Nepustilová who sang a closing song and Mgr. Václav Krahulík for piano accompaniment.

We thank our colleagues from TV Šotek Mgr. Klára Klenerová and Mgr. Martin Klener for shooting a film Dearest Helenka.

We got to know former Terezín Ghetto thoroughly thanks for a very interesting commentary of Bc. Petra Pěničková.

RNDr. Michaela Vidláková enriched us with her memories of life in the ghetto.

We familiarized ourselves with the history and presence of the Prague Jewish Town thanks to Mgr. Dana Kratochvílová.

We did not need to climb the wall of the Jewish cemetery in Budyně nad Ohří thanks to Mgr. Eva Švihnosová.

Mgr. Tomáš Fedorovič helped us uncover a historical background of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and life in the Sudetenland..

Mgr. Jana Havlínová assisted us in searching archives of the Theresienstadt Memorial..

Mgr. Julie Jenšovská gave us a helping hand in the Jewish Museum in Prague.

Numerous archivists provided us, found and recommended patiently documents for our investigations. To name a few: Mgr. Tatiana Rohová from the National Archive in Prague, Mgr. Eva Lupejová from the State Regional Archive in Litoměřice - Lovosice branch and Mgr. Miroslav Nováček - Most branch, PhDr. Věra Hladíková from the Town Archive in Ústí nad Labem. Our special thanks go to Lovosice and Ústí archives for their willingness to receive a larger group of people. We were not typical, quiet and preoccupied investigators.

Our thanks for investigation in distant Brazil also go to David Koubek, Czech Radio correspondent in Latin America, and Markéta Pilátová.

Through transcripting about fifty letters from Kurrent into Roman characters, Mgr. Eva Grisová revealed to us many new facts.

Michal Macák - Emline.cz - IT & E-marketing designed a graphic format of posters. Also, we are grateful to Ing. Danael Gabaľové for consulting.

Our huge thanks also go to all our colleagues, families and last but not least, the parents of our students. We thank them for patience, helpfulness and willingness to help whenever necessary.

Team of Disappeared Langweils

Adéla Lázničková
Adriana Vajsová
Aneta Herinková
Barbora Tomová
Eliška Šebková
Hana Nákonečnijová

Jana Krahulíková
Kateřina Husáková
Kateřina Rodová
Kateřina Svatoňová
Kateřina Šulcová
Natálie Beránková

Margareta Pecková
Nela Džudžová
Radka Slaninová
Tomáš Polák
Mgr. Jindřiška Waňková
Mgr. Jitka Löblová